The safety of our Lennar’s Associates, Customers, and Trade Partners is Lennar’s top priority.  To ensure a safe community, everyone working at a Lennar jobsite should be trained in safe practices related to the work they are performing and follow established safe work practices set forth in their respective safety plans.

Lennar has developed this website as a resource for you to use in the establishment, supplementation, or enhancement of your safety programs.  On this website, you will find links to safety related information for the state(s) where you conduct business.

Currently 22 states have established their own state specific safety plans while other states follow Federal OSHA guidelines.  If you click on your state and are directed to Federal OSHA, that indicates that your state follows Federal OSHA guidelines.  Please keep in mind that resource materials vary by state and some states provide more safety related resources and information than others.

Each respective state page includes links to the following information:

  • State safety regulations
  • Free training resources
  • Third party vendor fee-based training resources
  • Safety and health plan guidelines and templates
  • Other construction industry safety resources

The best way to get started is to click on “Choose your state” in the title bar above, then select your state to review the safety resources and information available.

The “Contact” link in the title bar provides you with an opportunity to share any comments you may have related to the website and safety resources.  Any and all comments are appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the website and have a safe day!